The Youngstown Hearing & Speech Center provides a significant amount of unreimburesed services to children and adults needing treatment for communication disorders. To meet this need, YHSC conducts fundraising activities, which are supported by our community. These activities are important and allow YHSC to provide service to those without the ability to pay, as well as supporting working families needing financial assistance.

Great Communicator Dinner

The Youngstown Hearing & Speech Center is noted for its Great Communicator Dinner. The Great Communicator’s Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated leadership and a philanthropic commitment to the community. The May Vetterle Award recognizes individuals who have overcome a hearing or speech disorder or have benefited from services at YHSC.

Past Great Communicator Recipients Include:

  • Warren P. Williamson Jr. – 1993
  • Clarence R. Smith, Jr. – 1994
  • The Honorable Peter C. Economus – 1995
  • F.W. & Connie Knecht – 1996
  • Dr. Les & Dr. Lin Cochran – 1997
  • Donald B. McKay – 1998
  • The Paula & Anthony Rich Center – 1999
  • Robert & Marilyn Wagmiller – 2000
  • The Beecher and Flad Families – 2001
  • Herman Maass – 2002
  • The Four Square Club – 2003
  • Dr. David & Patricia Sweet – 2004
  • The Gasser Family – 2005
  • The Honorable Jay Williams –2006
  • Helen Stambaugh – 2007
  • Denise and John York – 2008
  • Father Timothy O’Neill – 2009
  • Ed Muransky – 2010

Past May Vetterle Recipients are:

  • Susan Thomas – 2002
  • Irene Tunanidas – 2003
  • Effie (Krinos) Hordiewich – 2004
  • Jack & Betty Holt – 2005
  • Cutrone Family – 2006
  • Kenneth Bledsoe – 2007
  • Donna Zuga & Gary Cohen – 2008
  • Freddie Seitz – 2009
  • Darian Scott – 2010

If you know someone you feel is deserving of either of these awards, please send their name to the attention of

Annual Appeal

In December, YHSC conducts an Annual Appeal to prospective donors, including staff, and our Board of Directors. The donations received from the Annual Appeal are used for supporting the current programs at YHSC. If you would like additional information on our Annual Appeal, please contact Crissi Jenkins at:

Fundraising Events

Throughout the year, YHSC is the recipient of proceeds from various community events. YHSC also conducts fundraising events. Check our calendar of events for our current and future fundraising events, as well as volunteer opportunities.

Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund was created and operates exclusively to support the Youngstown Hearing & Speech Center. The principal of the Endowment is held as a Board restricted asset. The income and dividends are used to support the programs and services of YHSC. The Endowment allows for restricted and unrestricted gifts. Those gifts that have not been restricted by the donor as held as part of the general fund. Gifts restricted by the donor will be held in separate accounts to be used in accordance with the restrictions of the donor.


YHSC’s Endowment Fund is administered by the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley, This affiliation gives donors to the Endowment assurance that their contributions will be managed following the guidelines established by the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley.

YHSC will work with you and your financial advisors to maximize the tax benefits of your gifts. Your gifts may include; stocks or bonds, cash, bequests, life insurance, personal property, matching gifts or gifts in memoriam.

Other opportunities such as Charitable Remainder Trusts or Charitable Lead Trusts can be used to contribute to the Endowment. These gifts offer valuable estate planning options while allowing donors to meet their charitable giving goals.

Gift Guidelines

There is no minimum requirement for an undesignated gift to the Endowment Fund. Donor Designated Gifts must be a minimum of $10,000. Examples of designated gift opportunities includes:

  • Pediatric Speech/Audiology Services
  • Pediatric Hearing Aid and Assistive Devices
  • Adult Hearing Aid and Assistive Devices
  • Community Center for the Deaf
  • Adult Stroke & Laryngectomy Services
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Deaf Kids Learning & Enrichment Club