Deaf Kids Enrichment Club

Deaf Kids Enrichment Club

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children’s Recreational and Enrichment Club is designed to assist and support both educational and recreational needs of deaf and hard of hearing children. The program is open for school age children.

The purpose of the Club is to assist in developing a variety of skills necessary for young deaf and hard of hearing children to fully participate in activities of young adulthood. Through the Club activities youth develop necessary life skills; improve self-confidence as well as develop a supportive network of friends.

The Club provides opportunities throughout the year for deaf and hard of hearing youth to be involved in educational, recreational, community service, leadership training and fundraising events.

During the school year the Club meets once a month on Saturday. In the summer, the Club meets two days a week and participates in a week long summer camp – Camp Fitch sponsored by the YMCA.

Club Activities

Deaf Kids Enrichment Club

Recreational: A variety of outings for fun and excitement examples include; roller-skating, ice-skating, bowling, and various field trips for education and fun.

Tutoring: During the school year monthly tutoring by deaf and hearing educators to assist in keeping up with inclusion educational class work.

Educational Seminars: Guest speakers discuss various topics of interest to the Club. Topics range from choosing a career to life experiences of successful Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals.

Participation in Community Projects: Club members participate in community projects, such as the United Way Youth Services Day, Deaf Awareness Day held every year in Columbus.

Fundraising and Social Events: To help pay for activities, as well as developing the understanding there is a cost to everything.

Program Staff

The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children’s’ Club is organized and managed from the Youngstown Community Center for the Deaf. The staff relies on student and parent volunteers to assist with the many activities programs and trips. Staff include; Deaf and Hearing Educators, Deaf and Hearing Case Managers. Program Director is a Deaf individual.

Club Activities

Deaf Kids Enrichment Club

Club activities are designed to build leadership skills, provide educational experiences, teach social responsibility and provide healthy recreational activities.

Leadership: The Club conducts activities to build Leadership.

  • The Club has officers and membership is required. The Club has an operating budget to conduct business.
  • The Club promotes activities that will build leadership, which may include:
  • Scheduling successful Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals to talk about their lives.
  • Attending Statewide Deaf Leadership activities.
  • Learning from other Leadership Groups such as Youth Leadership Mahoning Valley.

Education: The Club has an educational component to activities.

  • There are assigned readings with respect to a scheduled activity.
  • There are required written reports that will be turned into their classroom teacher concerning each activity of the Club.
  • Creative games are used to build math, English and social studies skills.
  • Club visits historical, local and regional governmental sites, educational institutions.

Recreation: The Club provides activities that are fun and are healthy recreational activities of interest to Club members.

  • Club members yearly develop a list of recreational activities they would like to participate.
  • Some of the activities must include siblings, friends and families.

Social Responsibility: The Club participates in helping others.

  • Club participates in fundraising events and some of the proceeds are donated to other nonprofit organizations.
  • Participate in the United Way Day Youth of Caring.

If you would like more information about the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Enrichment Club please contact Carol Perry at For a list of upcoming activities and events, please visit our calendar!